General Tips


Item Variants

There are many items in eve that have variants with identical stats but different names. Saved fittings will just save what has been fitted. When looking at saved fittings be sure to check the market for module variants. The module stats are what matters not that the exact same module is used. Very often you can get the same fitting for less money.

This saved Nightmare fitting could be bought for less if I buy the True Sansha Heat Sinks and the Corpum A-Type MEMs. Drag and drop items into the Compare Tool or go to item variations and click compare.
Commonly used items are: -

Damage Control Unit
Magnetic Field Stabilizer
Heat Sink
Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Tracking Computer
Sensor Booster
Stasis Webifier
Antimatter Ammunition

There is also the case of the Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer which has the same tracking bonus as the MR-706 but the Ogdin is much cheaper.