Prerequisites: Nil
Optimised Training Time: 464d 15h 9m 35s
Skill Points: 22,273,255
Large Skill Injectors: 53
Please note this list has been split to accomodate the 50 skill limit.
Gallente Frigate I
Gallente Frigate II
Gallente Frigate III
Gallente Destroyer I
Gallente Destroyer II
Gallente Destroyer III
Gallente Cruiser I
Gallente Cruiser II
Gallente Cruiser III
Gallente Cruiser IV
Gallente Cruiser V
Signature Analysis II
Signature Analysis III
Signature Analysis IV
Signature Analysis V
Long Range Targeting II
Long Range Targeting III
Long Range Targeting IV
Long Range Targeting V
Logistics Cruisers I
Energy Grid Upgrades II
Sensor Linking I
Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems I
Remote Armor Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems III
Drones II
Drones III
Drones IV
Drones V
Drone Durability I
Repair Drone Operation I
Repair Drone Operation II
Repair Drone Operation III
Repair Drone Operation IV
Repair Drone Operation V
Remote Armor Repair Systems IV
Hull Upgrades IV
EM Armor Compensation I
EM Armor Compensation II
EM Armor Compensation III
EM Armor Compensation IV
EM Armor Compensation V
Explosive Armor Compensation I
Explosive Armor Compensation II
Explosive Armor Compensation III
Explosive Armor Compensation IV
Explosive Armor Compensation V
Hull Upgrades V
Kinetic Armor Compensation I
Kinetic Armor Compensation II
Kinetic Armor Compensation III
Kinetic Armor Compensation IV
Kinetic Armor Compensation V
Mechanics IV
Mechanics V
Remote Armor Repair Systems V
Thermal Armor Compensation I
Thermal Armor Compensation II
Thermal Armor Compensation III
Thermal Armor Compensation IV
Thermal Armor Compensation V
Drone Avionics II
Drone Avionics III
Drone Avionics IV
Drone Avionics V
Drone Durability II
Drone Durability III
Drone Durability IV
Drone Durability V
Drone Interfacing I
Drone Interfacing II
Drone Interfacing III
Drone Interfacing IV
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Navigation I
Drone Navigation II
Drone Navigation III
Drone Navigation IV
Drone Navigation V
Light Drone Operation I
Light Drone Operation II
Light Drone Operation III
Light Drone Operation IV
Light Drone Operation V
Medium Drone Operation I
Medium Drone Operation II
Medium Drone Operation III
Medium Drone Operation IV
Medium Drone Operation V
Electronic Warfare II
Frequency Modulation I
Frequency Modulation II
Frequency Modulation III
Frequency Modulation IV
Frequency Modulation V
Electronic Warfare III
Long Distance Jamming I
Long Distance Jamming II
Long Distance Jamming III
Long Distance Jamming IV
Long Distance Jamming V
Sensor Linking II
Sensor Linking III
Sensor Linking IV
Sensor Linking V
Capacitor Management IV
Capacitor Management V
Capacitor Systems Operation IV
Capacitor Systems Operation V
CPU Management V
Electronics Upgrades IV
Electronics Upgrades V
Energy Grid Upgrades III
Energy Grid Upgrades IV
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Power Grid Management V
Acceleration Control I
Acceleration Control II
Acceleration Control III
Acceleration Control IV
Acceleration Control V
Afterburner IV
Afterburner V
Evasive Maneuvering II
Evasive Maneuvering III
Evasive Maneuvering IV
Evasive Maneuvering V
Fuel Conservation I
Fuel Conservation II
Fuel Conservation III
Fuel Conservation IV
Fuel Conservation V
Navigation IV
Navigation V
Warp Drive Operation II
Warp Drive Operation III
Warp Drive Operation IV
Warp Drive Operation V
Biology I
Biology II
Biology III
Biology IV
Biology V
Cybernetics II
Cybernetics III
Cybernetics IV
Logistics Cruisers II
Logistics Cruisers III
Logistics Cruisers IV
Logistics Cruisers V
Target Management III
Target Management IV
Target Management V
Advanced Target Management I
Advanced Target Management II
Advanced Target Management III
Advanced Target Management IV
Advanced Target Management V
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation I
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation II
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation III
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation IV
Magnetometric Sensor Compensation V
Armor Layering I
Armor Layering II
Armor Layering III
Armor Layering IV
Armor Layering V