Prerequisites: Nil
Training Time: 209d 4h 24m
Skill Points: 9,036,731
Large Skill Injectors: 21
Please note this list has been split to accomodate the 50 skill limit.
Hull Upgrades IV
Explosive Armor Compensation I
Kinetic Armor Compensation I
Thermal Armor Compensation I
EM Armor Compensation I
Explosive Armor Compensation II
Kinetic Armor Compensation II
Thermal Armor Compensation II
EM Armor Compensation II
Explosive Armor Compensation III
Kinetic Armor Compensation III
Thermal Armor Compensation III
EM Armor Compensation III
Explosive Armor Compensation IV
Kinetic Armor Compensation IV
Thermal Armor Compensation IV
EM Armor Compensation IV
Explosive Armor Compensation V
Kinetic Armor Compensation V
Thermal Armor Compensation V
EM Armor Compensation V
Spaceship Command IV
Spaceship Command V
Precursor Frigate I
Precursor Frigate II
Precursor Frigate III
Precursor Destroyer I
Precursor Destroyer II
Precursor Destroyer III
Precursor Cruiser I
Precursor Cruiser II
Precursor Cruiser III
Precursor Battlecruiser I
Precursor Battlecruiser II
Precursor Battlecruiser III
Precursor Battleship I
Precursor Battleship II
Precursor Battleship III
Precursor Battleship IV
Motion Prediction III
Motion Prediction IV
Motion Prediction V
Gunnery V
Small Precursor Weapon I
Small Precursor Weapon II
Small Precursor Weapon III
Medium Precursor Weapon I
Medium Precursor Weapon II
Medium Precursor Weapon III
Large Precursor Weapon I
Large Precursor Weapon II
Large Precursor Weapon III
Large Precursor Weapon IV
Large Precursor Weapon V
Large Disintegrator Specialization I
Large Disintegrator Specialization II
Large Disintegrator Specialization III
Large Disintegrator Specialization IV
Surgical Strike II
Surgical Strike III
Surgical Strike IV
Sharpshooter III
Sharpshooter IV
Weapon Upgrades III
Weapon Upgrades IV
Long Range Targeting II
Long Range Targeting III
Long Range Targeting IV
Trajectory Analysis II
Trajectory Analysis III
Trajectory Analysis IV
Rapid Firing III
Rapid Firing IV
Controlled Bursts III
Controlled Bursts IV
Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems I
Remote Armor Repair Systems II
Remote Armor Repair Systems III
Remote Armor Repair Systems IV
Drones II
Drones III
Drones IV
Drones V
Drone Durability I
Repair Drone Operation I
Repair Drone Operation II
Remote Hull Repair Systems I
Remote Hull Repair Systems II
Remote Hull Repair Systems III
Heavy Drone Operation I
Heavy Drone Operation II
Heavy Drone Operation III
Heavy Drone Operation IV
Heavy Drone Operation V
Gallente Drone Specialization I
Gallente Drone Specialization II
Gallente Drone Specialization III
Gallente Drone Specialization IV
Capacitor Management IV
Capacitor Management V
Capacitor Systems Operation IV
Capacitor Systems Operation V
Mechanics IV
Nanite Operation I
Nanite Operation II
Nanite Operation III
Nanite Interfacing I
Nanite Interfacing II
Nanite Interfacing III