Skills Guide



Welcome to the TDF Skill Guide!

We hope that your time with us will be productive for our pilots and our community as a whole, please read this guide to familiarise yourself with our fleet requirements and upgrade yourself into your chosen fleet role; as efficiently as possible!

Skill Requirements

Ship fittings are in the TDF-FITS HQ1 mailing list. Minimum skills are found in the >>Minimum Skills<< spreadsheet listed in the navigation bar on the left of this page. The spreadsheet can be used to quickly build a skill training queue. How to do this is explained below.

The skills for logi ships are available in the TDF-FITS LOGI1 mailing list. If logi is worth doing, it is worth doing well. There are only two to three places in a fleet for logi cruisers, and a lot of pilots have all these skills to level five already.


Importing Skill Queues

Eve has the function to import a training queue. All you need to do is copy the list to your clipboard. Once in your clipboard use the Character sheet skill queue menu to import the list.

Note: Missing prerequisites, missing skillbooks, already trained skills, incorrectly formatted skills, will all be listed in the confirmation window after importing.

Note 2: There is a skill queue limit of 50 entries. Importing a list longer than this (or with prerequisites longer than this) will result in the list being truncated.



Basic Pilot Competency

In TDF, we pride ourselves on being the best! Because of this; we require a certain basic level of competency from our pilots. A basic example: Armor Compensation skills to 5 means that you can fit more damage modules. Bottom line is this: You may have an elite or advanced fitting, but the minimum skill requirements for a fitting are FAR below the skills (and knowledge) to use the ship properly. The better each fleet member is, the faster we can run the sites.

Neural Remapping

Each skill has two associated Neural attributes. When training that skill, the more points you have in those two attributes, the faster the skill trains.

TDF do not recommend using Neural Remapping if you have zero bonus neural remaps available. New players get three bonus remaps, these can be used to remap any time; three times. After these three remaps have been used you are committed to an entire year with the attributes you set.  Neural remaps are for accelerating a specific queue and they will hurt your training time if you deviate from that queue.

Below are four suggested remaps. The only way to get a truly optimal remap is to use an optimiser with your characters overall attributes and exact skill queue entered into it. Evemon has this function, use at your own risk.

TDF Elite Optimal

General Character

Left is the optimal layout for every skill in an elite fitted DPS ship, perfect if you plan to train the skills using the skill queues. This is optimal overall for DPS ships only but it does take into account all supporting skills, such as Biology, Thermodynamics, Nanite Interfacing, Sensor Compensation, Navigation etc.

Right is a balanced set of attributes more suited to a general use toon. If you are likely to be injecting skills for TDF (attributes do not affect the amount of skill points you gain when using an injector) or training unrelated skills such as Manufacturing, Scanning, Mining etc

TDF Oneiros thru Nestor

TDF Guardian thru Nestor

This remap is only viable for training purely logistics skills. If you are training other types of skills you must take those into account seaprately.

This remap is only viable for training purely logistics skills. If you are training other types of skills you must take those into account seaprately.

You are unlikely to need Charisma unless you are primarily Market Trading, Corporation Management, or running Comand Bursts, in which case you should optimise your attributes for those roles. Remapping is at your own risk; not forgetting remaps are 12 months apart.

Havis was right about remapping perception higher, Necro got BTFO lol

Cerebral Accelerators

Cerebral accelerators can also be used to increase your attributes, reducing training times even further. Training Biology to level 5 doubles the length of time these (and all other) boosters are active. These are optional and a much more sensible choice when you have at least 80 Million SP.




Attribute Implants

With the Cybernetics 5 Skill you will be capable of using a +5 Learning clone, or better yet an Ascendancy, Amulet or Hybrid clone. These are fairly pricey so for your first month or two, a +4 learning clone is acceptable. Slot 7-10 and the improved dps they provide are more important in your early days of flying with us!

+4/+5 refers to implants that increase your neural attributes beyond their normal value.


A quick example of the benefits of a good learning clone.

Before implants

After implants

You will see the skill queue has been reduced by almost 3 days on a queue of 17 days! Any other skills that you train will also be accelerated by your implants. This process does not have to be slow and painful! See the section on the use of Skill Injectors to make this process even quicker!
Here is an example of how your clone should look prior to upgrading to Ascendancy, Amulet or TDFs preferred set: Hybrid implants. Depending on the turrets that you use, your slot 10 implant will vary (Large Hybrid or Large Energy). Please check the mailing list to ensure you are installing the correct slot 10 for your chosen weapon.


Skill Hardwiring

All TDF pilots run implants, it is how we are so successful in contests, and our isk/hr. In your first month flying with TDF, you will easily be able to afford to purchase all of your hardwiring implants whilst working your way to becoming an Advanced TDF pilot!

You can work on getting the recommended skill hardwiring implants (slot 6-10 or 7-10) using the CONCORD LP earned by running incursions. TDF has recommended implant sets, which can be found in the TDF-IMPLANTS mailing list.


Skill Injectors

Pretty self-explanatory really; at its most basic level convert isk into Skill Points and reduce your skill training time significantly. Skill injectors are available on the eve market place and can be activated remotely. People have been known to go from a brand new character to an Elite Vindicator pilot in a matter of hours (at the cost of billions of isk).

But we are incursion runners Billions of isk is easily attainable and we strongly recommend the use of injectors in your early days to rapidly improve your incursion character. In turn helping both you and the rest of the fleet get space-rich in the shortest possible time!


Basic Fit

Please be advised, if you are reading this section; you will only be able to run this type of ship for a week before we will require you to x-up in an advanced fit. You will need to start work on upgrading from the word go! We reserve only 5 spots for people with less than advanced fits in our fleets. We understand that new people are important to our community which is why we reserve places for them on grid. But to keep the high isk flow we must encourage new people to upgrade.