Change log:
changed mr706 to ogdins eye co-ord for price - clone implant screenshot
moved the stuff about leaning implants to implants section
made importing skill q its own section
cyber 5 gives +5 not +4
shortened implants para to try and make it more concise
added subsections skill hardwring / attrib implants to implants section
removed the neural remap ref in skill queue para, list will be fastest no matter what, they have just screwed themselves if they have remapped poorly.
MASSIVE re-ordering.
moved it around again
added section on neural accelrators
added direct to vindi
tried to make it more clear on the tree that these are skills not ships, we dont want minimum skills to fly we want you to have these skills minimum
moved leshak skills around to reduce initial ship and add a bunch of lvl 5 to second
prerequisites on skill list pages
added elite badge to elite fits
added turret icones to ships to ndicate which to use
added basic competence para - necro
moved a few mores paras around
digitally remastered all queues, again lol - necro
made remapping more obvious its a bad idea if your fuck it up - dred
actually looked up optimal attribs for an entire queue including all non-perception skills - overall best is as per screenshot - dred
typo on mega page - necro
reworded basic fit and praxis sections to try and make more concise - dred
drop mega to same level as praxis in skill queue - not done as it would then require 2 separate prerequisite lists for each of the three roles - overcomplicating for bad reasons imho. - dred
reformatted elite optimal remapping, u tag being outside font tag made the underline white in EDGE -dred
added logi queues - dred
removed astro rigging from leshak, only needed for amulet fit -cant rmemeber who pointed this out
moved skill tree to top - alex
edited skill queues for 15/04/2020 - dred
all skill queues are now DPS priority 1, all support skills are at the end, - dred
removed references to the praxis - dred
removed napoc - havis
skill queues for sniper updated tachyon to lvl 1 then all other skills towards pulse lasers - havis
reordered all queues to increase dps over other factors first - dred
unified skill trees to match - dred
changed skill queue links to the ship images instead of skill book images, people struggled with following the arrows - dred
Referred skill queues to spreadsheet - dred
copy friendlied lists in spreadsheet - dred
added links and references to hybrid implant set -dred
updated rookie info - dred
added link to evemon in attribs section - dred
Intended changes: