Change log:
Removed drone durability and biology from skill list - dapper
removed eg-606 from implant list (should be amulet omega or ascendency omega/ws618) - dapper
watchlists, imo watchlist should never be colorcoded, they deffo should be dapper! not added - dapper
Edited TCRC, burn forward of fleet / orbit nestor immediately - dapper
useful to still have the Sansha on your overview - reworded - dapper
Dapper removed from tornado hit list
Minimum skill requirements (not just useful skills), the skills are specific to the fits, which are covered in the mailing list, so rather than try and keep a duplicate list up to date i just left that out - golt
added tdf implants mailing list - golt
armor broadcast - halp! like halp! not changed - golt
cruisers sit still at tcrc entry, only if theyre too fast, tried to make it a little clearer without making it long as fuck -golt
when to unlock a target added - method - golt
Added light drones to nestor drone list - golt
added boosters to high priority cap ships
cap newbros if no BCs - golt
golt removed from tornado hit list
spelling in watchlist - kranky
prop mod reminder when aligning - kranky
recall drones on align - kranky
swap back to dps drones after late broadcasts - kranky
speak on ts spelling - kranky
guardian - no light drones in tcrc - kranky
guardian - perma cap - wording - kranky
watchlist - added ship specific watchlists and removed generic- kranky
added drones para to onei - kranky
Changed nestor para ref drones - kranky
TCRC drone info covered in TCRC section so removed from ships section - kranky
onei links is in fleet motd - added to onei para - kranky
check watchlist between sites - kranky
reordered ships then sites - kranky
added image for what ship mastery levels are - koliup mubble
Expanded WS-618 name - koliup mubble
Implants sets include dps - havis
Broadcasts, who uses them - koliup mubble
Re-arranged intro - pudu
typo in method - pudu
prop mod expanded name - pudu
added reconnect to lost drones - pudu
added orbit range for cruisers - method - ezekiel deathwing
implant recomendation - amulet / ascendency - its site dependent - no change - lothlorni
added to orbit chosen nestor - nestors will know they dont orbit or they wont be nestors - lothlorni
tcrc / mom very similar - deliberate - no change - open to further suggestion - lothlorni
add line about battle reps - didnt want to, this is logi ship specific wanted to hold to that - lothlorni
added how to add to watchlist screenshots - koliup / pudu
anchor points specify for all or just nestors - cruisers should know to orbit nestor every time - not added - koliup
added screenshotoffleet broadcast history - dred
typos / grammar - dred
clarify orbit / anchor [who] and distance changed to 7500m for a little extra speed - davida
clarify orbiting when landing in TCRC, prevent cruisers going backwards. - davida
pre-heat for late bc, dont always know its late, rem reps dont have much overheat time, want to avoid using it when not necessary - not added - davida
added screenie for unlock targets not taking damage - dred
natural phenom for correct gate - covered by joining fleet - didnt want to duplicate - risks conflicting info - davida
converted png large images to jpg for bandwidth / load times. please inform if any broken links -dred
Replaced all screenshots with in game range markers. -dred
added lines between sites for clarity - dred
reformatted TPPH to the same as other sites -dred
added schematics to top down screenshots (visible in full-size only)-kranky
unified image layouts -dred
Intended changes: